You put them in. You put them out. You shake them all about. And then you put them in again. Does that sound like you when you’re trying to pack your bags for a holiday?

Indecision and haphazard choices might leave you in a last minute panic to stuff your suitcase with the first things to lay your hands on.

But last minute, fast packing does not have to mean the frantic panic of the desperate. Here are a few last minute fast packing tips on how to pack efficiently and calmly – and still get away at the last minute:


  • you don’t have to make a fetish of it, but a little organisation is likely to go a long way;
  • it won’t take long to jot down a list of the things you need to take and lay them out somewhere that you can take an overall look to check whether anything is missing;
  • that’s the time when you might want to compare the things you’ve chosen with the things you’re likely to need for the place or place you’re going, the type of accommodation in which you are staying and the weather when you get there;

Versatility wins out every time

  • the more likely you are to wear something, the more likely it is to win its place in your luggage;
  • rather than one-off fashion statements – which you might rarely if ever get to wear – therefore, choose clothes that can be mixed and matched to suit a whole range of different occasions;
  • combining your wardrobe in this way saves time packing and space in your bags, yet still allowing you to look your best – something that might be important if you have booked your luxury hotel through us here at BeTheFirst;

It’s not what you pack, it’s how you pack it

  • having bought yourself some time by being properly organised, you can also give some thought to the way you pack things in your bag;
  • there is an age-old debate about whether to “roll or fold” – there are pros and cons to both – but if you think about either rolling or folding your clothes neatly, you are likely to be able to pack more, and faster;
  • there are packing aids and systems which claim to make your packing more efficient;


  • there may be good reasons for packing some items of particular value – your jewellery, for example;
  • but it is worth double-checking whether everything that goes in your bag really needs to be taken on holiday with you;
  • if it is not going to be used, it is not something you are likely to miss – and expensive items or those of sentimental value run some risk of being lost, stolen or damaged when you are travelling;

The weigh-in

  • when you have finished your last minute packing, put the bag on your bathroom scales to weigh it;
  • take into consideration the weight of the suitcase/carrier – the trend for hard-shell cases takes its toll on your weight restriction and can mean the difference between adding those favourite high heels or not;
  • excess baggage charges have a way of taking you by surprise and adding an unwelcome extra expense to the cost of your holiday – so weigh it in advance, to make sure you are within the limits.
  • There are still ways to pack efficiently and fast at the last minute – follow some of these tips and you are quickly off on your travels again.

    And don’t forget, at BeTheFirst, we have lots of last minute luxury travel deals you can take advantage of, so not being packed is no excuse!