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Soft or pre-openings are a fairly well-kept industry secret that until now have only been available to either friends and family of the hotel professionals, or people within the hospitality industry.  Individuals who work within industries with close ties to hospitality, such as the media, would, from time to time, be invited to experience the hotel accommodation and its facilities ahead of the date an hotel officially opens its doors to the general pubic and its first guests.

At this vital point in a new hotel’s life, the hotel owners, managers and their staff are all looking to become more efficient in their daily operations and the general smooth running of the hotel.  It is during this time that staff and hotel management companies are keen to stand-out and so tend to offer a higher level of attentiveness within their roles, with the ultimate desire to fine tune the services offered and thus satisfy the substantial demands expected by guests in luxury, 5-star establishments worldwide.

Occasionally, some of the facilities in the hotels offering soft-opening deals, may not be available during the time of your stay.

For example, the hotel may plan to have four restaurants on site when they are fully open, however, during a soft-opening maybe only three restaurants wil be open. Another example of a facility that may not be open during the soft-opening, could be the hotel Spa facility. We will do our best to inform you of any facilities that are not open for the period of your booking.

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