You can always tell that someone comes from a small place, they say, when their idea of a holiday is driving around the island on a Sunday afternoon.

Try doing that in Australia and you’d be there for ever.

We’d also be here for ever if we tried to tell you everything there is to do on this island continent, so here is the briefest location guide:

  • the natives speak English – but with a distinctive local turn of phrase;
  • with such an immense land area and mile upon mile of coastline, you’re never going to run out of places to visit or things to do, whether energetic or indulgent relaxation;
  • Sydney might be an obvious place to start – and some people might even confuse it for Australia’s capital, but that’s Canberra;
  • if there are two iconic sights that define Sydney, they are likely to be the Opera House and Sydney Bridge;
  • when your feet hit the ground, you’ll be looking for somewhere to stay – so why not treat yourself to a few nights in one of the city’s newest boutique hotels, the Old Clare? Here at Be The First, we’ve been able to take advantage of the promotional, discounted rates frequently offered by freshly opened hotels as an incentive for first guests;
  • whilst you’re staying in Sydney, you might want to take a day trip into the nearby beauty spot of the Blue Mountains – with vistas too numerous to mention, but including the Three Sisters, the dramatic Jamison Valley, Mount Solitary, Echo Point, Wentworth Falls and Lincoln’s Rock;
  • we’ve sealed a similar deal with another newly opened hotel, this time at the Byron Resort and Spa, near Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and the most easterly part of the country. Byron is well-known for it’s beautiful beaches and coastal surf culture;
  • travel further north still and you’ll arrive at the city of Cairns in the steamy tropics of Australia;
  • Cairns is a popular spring board for visits to one of the greatest wonders in the world, the Great Barrier Reef – a diver’s paradise and a great place for personally guided boat tours for the less intrepid;
  • Australia is the land (down under) of vast open spaces and vast distances, so why not get a sense of that sheer distance by flying the 5,467 km (some 3,400 miles) from Cairns all the way to Perth, the capital of Western Australia;
  • as the distance suggests, Western Australia opens up a completely different world and lifestyle.

Visit Australia and you’ll never run out of things to do – just don’t attempt to drive around the island of a Sunday afternoon!